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Blog Nonsense

If you go to the “Latest” section to the right, then you’ll see the latest posts. For some reason, they’re missing from the main list here. I don’t know why. I’m working on bringing them back into the fold.



I’m working on creating a blog about writing in general, and technical communication in particular. So while playing around with different layouts and themes, I unintentionally scrapped the theme I’ve used on weeklyrob for 4 years. Easy come, easy go. How do you like the new one? By the way, this is second post I’ve […]


Words Have Meanings

Words have meanings. I know, that’s even more obvious than most of the stuff you read here. But today, as a special gift to you, there’s a twist. I don’t mean that words have definitions. They do, of course, but that’s not what I’m talking about. I’m talking about meaning beyond definition. Stop being coy, […]


Yet Another Post about English Usage (Cry for Help Edition)

Terribly sorry for my monomania, but these things stick in my head. This time, I’m not telling you what I know, really. I’m admitting to a problem. I don’t know how to show possession in certain circumstances. But first, let’s talk about the word “who.” Come on, you know you want to. “Who” implies a […]


The Six Stages of Word Grief

I’ve posted before about the stages that a word goes through on the road from being considered incorrect to being considered above reproach. You know, at first it’s totally wrong, then time goes by, etc. etc., and you really should read the other post. Words like transpire (now meaning “happen,” if you’re trying to look smart); oxymoron (now meaning “contradiction […]


Hearing and Old People. Like me.

I was at my Dad’s house the other day. We walked into his bedroom to get something, and a loud, high-pitched noise hit my ears. When I asked Dad about it, he had no idea what I was talking about. My siblings could hear it from the hallway, but my dad and step-mom were oblivious. […]


Contractions Are Your Friend

I have a running battle with people who ask me to write something for them, then ask that I take out all the contractions. For some reason, a lot of people think that formal language is smart language. So they eliminate contractions, or choose big, impersonal words (like “utilize”) instead of little friendly words (like […]



I’ll never forget the pictures of animals and land dying and being covered with oil. Soon we’ll see it all over again.


Spaced Repetition

Ok, so I happen to know the location of every non-island country in the world. I’m not great on the island nations, but I get 100% every time on quizzes like this one. The interesting thing here (or, the thing that I’m writing about today, regardless of whether it’s interesting) is that a few weeks […]


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