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Bin Laden’s Death Brings Reprisals!

I’ve been hearing a lot of people saying that now there’ll be attacks because of bin Laden’s death. I don’t get it. The terrorists spend 24 hours a day (minus time to brush and floss) plotting ways to kill people. So what’s going to happen? Now, they’re going to spend 25 hours a day doing […]

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The NAACP Vs. The Universe

Have you heard this one? Hallmark sells a card about graduates taking on the universe. At one point it taunts black holes, saying, “you’re so ominous, oooh.” Then it ends with, “planets, watch your back.” Some of the leadership of the NAACP claim that they hear, “black whores” instead of black holes. I think they’re […]

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Helen Thomas and Freedom of Speech

Just in case some people don’t already know what Helen Thomas said, here’s a little video (the editorial isn’t mine): [youtube][/youtube] So, she got fired for those comments. (Officially, she resigned.) Some thoughts: The comments are insane, even assuming that she only meant the Jews who arrived in the last 60 years or so (as […]

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Government Moving in Any Way is Good

When George Bush the Younger was first elected, and the republicans controlled congress, here’s what I thought: —- I’m happy that all the government is on the same page. Now they can actually accomplish something, even if it’s not something that I want. At least they can do something. If it makes the country better, […]

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Healthcare for Immigrants

So I guess I’ll weigh in. Or rather, as is my wont, I’ll go on for many paragraphs about how the issue is more complicated than some people would like you to believe. And I’ll do zero research to see if I’m right! An annoying and unproductive conversation I had with another commentor at has […]

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Violence in Urumqi

It’s pronounced /oo room chee/ with the accent on room. The Uighurs are rioting. My wife and I spent some time there a decade ago or so. It didn’t seem a particularly nice place at the time, and the surrounding desert is dust and wasteland. Sometimes beautiful and sometimes just desolate and empty. The Uighurs […]

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