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Bad Excuses

I won’t even get into whether or not the NSA should be able to get records of all Americans’ phone calls. I will just quickly register my annoyance with one justification I keep hearing. I keep hearing, about this and the last possibly illegal spying adventure, that if we had only been doing this earlier, […]

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Nothing New under the Sun

Recently, while reading about Israel’s invasion of Lebanon in the early 1980’s, I was struck by the way that Israeli politicians ignored, or cherry-picked, intelligence in order to achieve a political goal. Sound familiar? Israel’s Secret Wars, about Mossad, IDF Intelligence, Shin Bet, and the rest, is an amazing look into the kinds of stuff […]

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Yes, everyone’s already said it, but I’m gonna say it, too. I don’t think that letting Dubai run the ports poses a threat to security. And I doubt that any professional politician does either. This is the Democrats realizing that they can throw egg on Bush’s face with very little pain, and the Republicans afraid […]

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