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Bin Laden’s Death Brings Reprisals!

I’ve been hearing a lot of people saying that now there’ll be attacks because of bin Laden’s death. I don’t get it. The terrorists spend 24 hours a day (minus time to brush and floss) plotting ways to kill people. So what’s going to happen? Now, they’re going to spend 25 hours a day doing […]


Of Mother’s Milk

photo credit: maessive It’s probably not news to anyone that in Saudi Arabia, women aren’t supposed to hang out with men they’re not immediately related to. But it’s also true that if the woman had breastfed the man when he was a child, then they’re considered related in a maternal/child way, and they’re allowed to […]


Interpreting God’s Word

photo credit: tiffany_stone Buried somewhere in the growing list of things that annoy me: People who will tell you that God didn’t really mean what he said. — For me, it’s kinda like Superman. I don’t actually believe that there’s a guy who wears a cape and flies around, but if you set up the […]



— The Britannica blog calls a spade a spade. Robertson and Limbaugh are: “…two men who have made a very good thing in this life of saying very stupid things that excite an audience of equally stupid people.” [LINK] — Freakonomics wonders: Do Bike-Helmet Laws Discourage Bicycling? — The Why Files: Fish cheat and get […]


Religious Law

So here in Atlanta, a Hindu temple filed for bankruptcy. This means that creditors are supposed to be allowed to do an inventory of all the temple’s assets. But the Hindus at the temple are in the middle of a “216-day period of ritual cleansing” in which non-Hindus aren’t supposed to enter the temple. So […]


Perez Hilton, Politics, and Whining

I don’t exactly follow the Miss USA contest, and I don’t care about its results. So that’s one thing I don’t care about. I also don’t care about Perez Hilton (I don’t even want to link to his little blog of celebrity snark). But… the mixture of the two things has gotten my attention, and […]



Since we don’t know when Jesus was born, it’s ok to pick a sort of random day to celebrate as his birthday. Tomorrow is that day! So Merry Christmas to all Christian readers of weeklyrob!


Maccabees Rule!

We’re right in the middle of Channukah, and I await your gifts. Don’t ask me how to spell Channukah. It’s a transliteration, and it’s spelled all kinds of wacky ways. I read one guy’s comment online that he thought that the CH signified a mix of Hanukah and Christmas. Not so, I assure you. The […]


Power of Prayer

I just listened to some of a How Stuff Works podcast discussing an article called Can Prayer Heal People? Apparently, people who pray experience some health benefits over people who don’t. This may be true, and can be explained without resorting to God or religion. The more contentious question is whether a group of people […]


Freedom of Speech vs. Religion

Remember when those cartoons in Europe spawned a bunch of death threats and street protests from radical Muslims? And the good guys were saying, hey, don’t touch our freedom of speech. A new book about the movie, “The Last Temptation of Christ” is out. It reminds me that there were protests and death threats from […]


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