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Spaced Repetition

Ok, so I happen to know the location of every non-island country in the world. I’m not great on the island nations, but I get 100% every time on quizzes like this one. The interesting thing here (or, the thing that I’m writing about today, regardless of whether it’s interesting) is that a few weeks […]

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Don't Blow Second Chances

I was once in a large, heavy, canoe-like boat with about 6 other people. We had docked next to several similar boats, and as the waves heaved, the boats knocked and banged against each other. While we were waiting to get out, a guy next to me rested his hand over the top edge of […]

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I posted before about the questions around images of children having sex when the images are purely imaginary. That is, they’re drawn or computer-generated and no child was involved at any stage. I’ve also posted about a guy in Australia who was convicted of owning a cartoon satire of underage Lisa Simpson having sex. Now […]

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This Is So Secure. Oh Wait, It's Not.

Saw this article today about how “Chip and Pin” cards are coming to the US: — …a new generation of card readers that scan a tiny chip activated by a personal identification number, or PIN. — The article talks about how secure these cards are, admitting the imperfection of any system, no matter how great. […]

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One More iPad Thing

I posted already that the iPad will end up being cool because of the apps that aren’t out yet, mainly taking advantage of its larger-than-iPhone size. Omni group is planning 5 apps for the iPad: OmniGraffle, OmniOutliner, OmniPlan, OmniFocus, and OmniGraphSketcher. I use one of those on a daily basis, one on a frequent basis, […]

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Ok. The iPad

I’m not planning to get one. I mean, even if I was planning to spend some money and get something cool, I wouldn’t get the iPad. Not yet. At the moment, I use a laptop for laptop things and a phone when I want mobility and a Reader for eBooks. But I recognize that things […]

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Google, the Internet, and China

Google finally wakes up. Mind you, mere censorship and repression really didn’t bother them. It wasn’t until China literally attacked Google’s service that they decided to change the relationship. Still, better late than never. [Thanks, Baron, for the link]

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Citing the Net

When you cite a Web page, you can only cross your fingers and hope that the page will still be there, and still be the same, when your readers follow the URL. WebCite may be the answer. They’ll archive whatever page you want, and give you a link to the archived page. It’s free.

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Everyone’s talking about Kiva as a fun place to help save the world, but I think I like Microplace better. They both do pretty much the same thing: Take your money and help support microlending. Hopefully you get your money back, but that’s not the real point. On Kiva’s Lend page, you pick a person […]

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