The NAACP Vs. The Universe

Have you heard this one?

Hallmark sells a card about graduates taking on the universe. At one point it taunts black holes, saying, “you’re so ominous, oooh.” Then it ends with, “planets, watch your back.”

Some of the leadership of the NAACP claim that they hear, “black whores” instead of black holes.

I think they’re lying.

They add that after making “reference to African-American women as whores,” the card then says “watch your back.”

Now, you can listen for yourself (the important line comes in at 32 seconds). You’ll hear “holes” not “whores.” It’s actually surprisingly distinct. But maybe the NAACP has poor hearing.

The main reason I’m calling them liars is because of the bit about “watch your back.” Do they not hear that it says, “planets” watch your back?

Obviously, saying, “planets, watch your back,” isn’t anything related to these mythical black whores.

So really. I think they’re lying. Even they don’t believe it.

One last thing. The NAACP guy claims that the card calls black women whores. But even if you hear what he says he hears (a card about planets, the solar system, and black whores), it still doesn’t call ALL black women whores. It merely refers to some women who are both black and whores. Why is that even racist? It may be sexist, I guess.

Have a listen:


2 Responses to The NAACP Vs. The Universe

  1. BruceS June 8, 2010 at 1:41 pm #

    Nope, not racist, not sexist. Black whores include men and women, so even if your hearing is as bad as the racist race-baiting NAACP bigots, it wouldn’t be a reference to women specifically. At worst, it would be demeaning to black whores of both sexes—cause for the National Union of Black Prostitutes to take issue with it, and show just how threatening they can be. It’s sad that the NAACP is taken seriously by anyone anymore.

  2. weeklyrob June 8, 2010 at 3:06 pm #

    Absolutely right. I forgot about the male whores.

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