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So Sue Me

In an earlier post, I wondered whether I could get sued for libelous comments that other people leave on my site. Apparently, in most states, I can’t. And now the California Supreme Court has joined the majority (link). Interestingly, this is all spelled out (so they say) in the 1996 Communications Decency Act, which was […]

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A Torture Primer

Slate (link on main page) provides a primer on torture techniques used (or allegedly used) by Americans. (link) Click the links at the top of the page to see all the pieces. The most interesting living room conversation is on the “Taxonomy of Torture” page, where they discuss the techniques and their legality. I had […]

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Best Video Ever

The magic of the Internet brings us the YouTube video of DEA agent Lee Paige shooting himself in the foot while lecturing a class on gun control. I gotta give the guy a hand for trying to maintain control after getting shot. He pulled himself together right quick. Still. Shot himself in the foot. TJIC […]

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Maybe the Tundra Isn’t Really Less Safe?

My friend Charlie writes to say that my recent post about the Toyota Tundra recall misses an important point. I had mention that Toyota plans to take away the switch that disables the passenger-side airbag when an adult isn’t sitting there. This will make the truck less safe for kids, because the airbag is dangerous […]

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Arlen Specter to Sue the Prez

Apparently the senator wants to make it legal for Congress to sue the President of the United States for refusing to enforce laws. (I blogged about this refusal, made public in the form of “signing statements,” earlier this month.) I’m sure that Specter doesn’t actually expect to pass a law like this (or get it […]

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Acts of War

I’m sure I won’t be the last to say this, but I certainly hope that everyone we go to war with commits similar acts of war. Usually, our enemies commit unimaginative acts, such as killing Americans. But these evil geniuses have come up with a new way. Imagine the horror if the Nazis had tried […]

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No-ID Flying

Did you know that you’re not legally required to show ID in order to pass through the security checkpoint at the airport? But can it really be done without nine hours of harassment? Wired News reports that it can. Surprising the pessimists, the boys with the badges actually followed the law and allowed the ID-less […]

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Bush: Constitutional Scholar

This isn’t really news any more, but it’s still worth mentioning. Presidents occasionally write a “signing statement” when they sign a bill into law. The gist might be something along the lines of, “the law is ok, but there are parts of it that I don’t think are Constitutional, and therefore I reserve the right […]

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