Hidden Meanings in Language

Language is funny. This post doesn’t give any helpful tips about using language, or about writing. But I recently thought of one of many examples of how native speakers use language in a way that might seem inscrutable to new speakers. Think of the difference between asking: Are you cold? And Aren’t you cold? Strangely, […]

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Google Plus as a Blog?

I’ve been using Google Plus a lot lately. If you want an invitation, let me know. I hope it really takes off, because I think it may be the best all-round solution out there. Google Plus can already be (or soon will be able to be) your Twitter, Chat (voice, video, and text), blog, facebook, […]

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Twitter is OK

I recently heard a news story about a teacher using Twitter in her 8th grade classroom. She teaches and the kids tweet questions, answers, thoughts, and general feedback. Apparently, the teacher finds that students are more willing to respond (even the shy ones), and they respond more quickly. The response to this idea has been […]

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Bin Laden’s Death Brings Reprisals!

I’ve been hearing a lot of people saying that now there’ll be attacks because of bin Laden’s death. I don’t get it. The terrorists spend 24 hours a day (minus time to brush and floss) plotting ways to kill people. So what’s going to happen? Now, they’re going to spend 25 hours a day doing […]

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Invent This

I herby give away all rights to this idea: I like a wireless mouse. Not because it reduces the number of wires around my computer, but because I don’t have to deal with a wire when moving my mouse around. (Actually, I mainly use a wireless Magic Trackpad, but that’s beside the point.) You know […]

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Australian Visa Granted

Just a quick post to update subscribers: My visa to work in Australia has been granted! So the family and I are planning to pack up and head out in January. We still have a lot to do before finally leaving, so we don’t know the exact date yet, but it’s coming soon!

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Don’t Try

Ok, I’ve been asked for more thoughts. Here’s a bit more. Writing advice from Charles Bukowski: Don’t try. In a letter, linked below, he points out that writing comes naturally to writers. In fact, writers can’t stop it, even if they want to. I agree with all of that, though I think that it does […]

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Weeklyrob is taking a break. Or going away and never coming back. I’m not sure. Sigh. I’m just too busy and lazy to bother. Between moving continents and switching jobs and keeping up my other web site, I just don’t have the interest any more. I probably will again someday. If you’re subscribed, and if […]

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Is it Manly to Cry?

Ok, men are allowed to cry. Most enlightened men know this. It’s ok. Some men, in some cultures, cry as a matter of routine. When Odysseus was reunited after 20 years with his son Telemachus, they held each other and cried. And their cries sounded like the cries of birds of prey when their babies, […]

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