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Google Plus as a Blog?

I’ve been using Google Plus a lot lately. If you want an invitation, let me know. I hope it really takes off, because I think it may be the best all-round solution out there. Google Plus can already be (or soon will be able to be) your Twitter, Chat (voice, video, and text), blog, facebook, […]

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Invent This

I herby give away all rights to this idea: I like a wireless mouse. Not because it reduces the number of wires around my computer, but because I don’t have to deal with a wire when moving my mouse around. (Actually, I mainly use a wireless Magic Trackpad, but that’s beside the point.) You know […]

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Every once in a long while, I write something that I think fits this blog as well as my blog for writers. Today, ladies and gentlemen, I’m doing it again. If you happen to read both blogs, please excuse the repetition…. A Primer on Web and Print Colors I was in a class the other […]

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