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Australian Visa Granted

Just a quick post to update subscribers: My visa to work in Australia has been granted! So the family and I are planning to pack up and head out in January. We still have a lot to do before finally leaving, so we don’t know the exact date yet, but it’s coming soon!

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Have you ever emigrated? Here are some of the things I’ve had to do or collect for the Australian government that have kept me from writing this blog: Local background check from the Atlanta cops. Fingerprints and national check from the FBI. Physical check and chest X-ray from a doctor specified on Australia’s list of […]

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Eggies and Australia

My post about hot and cold made me think about my imminent move to Australia. In short, it occurs to me that it will take less time to make a hard-boiled egg over there. This isn’t true for all of Australia, but I’ll be living very close to sea level, whereas I now live about […]

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Australia and the Internet

photo credit: Photos by Mavis So, most of the 4 readers of weeklyrob know that my family and I are planning to move to Australia early in 2011. I was considering starting a fresh blog tracing the ins and outs of the move, but instead, I’ll just post it all here. Those of you not […]

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