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So, most of the 4 readers of weeklyrob know that my family and I are planning to move to Australia early in 2011.

I was considering starting a fresh blog tracing the ins and outs of the move, but instead, I’ll just post it all here. Those of you not interested in my life, please note the “Australia” tag just below the title of the post. When you see that, don’t bother reading more!

My wife and I are trying to figure out exactly where to live once we’re there. We have some ideas, and plenty of criteria, which I’ll post about later. But for now, I just want to talk about Facebook.

Yes, Facebook.

One of the towns we’re considering is called Daylesford. It’s a very small place, but it has lots of tourists coming for the mineral springs, spas, food, hip atmosphere, and generally relaxing good times.

I’ve been once, and my wife has been a few times, but we don’t know what it’s like to really live there. And we don’t know anyone who’s ever lived there.

In comes Facebook. I searched for Daylesford, found a few likely suspects, and sent them messages. Something like:

Sorry for this spam, but we’re thinking of moving there, and we have tons of questions. Can you help?

And we got responses offering to answer any questions we have. We asked more, and we got more answers.

I plan to do this for every single town we consider moving to. Not only will we find out about living there, but we’ll also sort of know people as soon as we move in.

I’m not sure, but I think this Internet thing is pretty cool. Anyway, here’s a tourist video of Daylesford:

And here’s a sort of sexy vampire’s tourist video of Daylesford:

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