Annie Proulx Falls to Floor; Bangs Feet, Fists

Brokeback Mountain only won three awards, no Best Picture, and Annie is pissed. Blaming everything except the quality of the movie, she goes off on the academy, the winning movie “Trash – excuse me – Crash,” and even the “dim LA crowd.”   And she praises the Independent Spirit Awards, which gave Brokeback Mountain the […]

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Civil War (Not Iraq)

The new movie, The Confederate States of America, has gotten some press. I haven’t seen it, and I guess I don’t REALLY care about seeing it (with several reviewers saying that the best thing about it is the concept), but it did remind me of my own weird little questions about the outcome of the […]

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Yes, everyone’s already said it, but I’m gonna say it, too. I don’t think that letting Dubai run the ports poses a threat to security. And I doubt that any professional politician does either. This is the Democrats realizing that they can throw egg on Bush’s face with very little pain, and the Republicans afraid […]

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