Annie Proulx Falls to Floor; Bangs Feet, Fists

Brokeback Mountain only won three awards, no Best Picture, and Annie is pissed.

Blaming everything except the quality of the movie, she goes off on the academy, the winning movie “Trash – excuse me – Crash,” and even the “dim LA crowd.”


And she praises the Independent Spirit Awards, which gave Brokeback Mountain the Best Picture, saying that they judge on MERIT.


And she ends with this: “For those who call this little piece a Sour Grapes Rant, play it as it lays.”


So here we are, playing it as it lays. I liked Brokeback. Thought it was pretty good. The three like-minded, gay-friendly, tolerant people I saw it with didn’t like it very much. I think the most common description was, “boring.” I guess that for some people who AREN’T shocked or upset by homosexuality, but aren’t homosexual themselves, the movie just wasn’t that big a deal.


Honestly, if Heath Ledger hadn’t actually spit on his hand to lubricate his penis, I wouldn’t even have thought it was very controversial. Big deal. Two guys cheating on their wives for twenty years. What else is new?


I’m really tired of all the ink and emotion about the movie, so I won’t post about it again, unless Proulx attacks Matt Dillon in the streets or something.

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