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Pedantry with weeklyrob

I mentioned to some friends today that I should start a podcast called: Pedantry with weeklyrob. And I was assured that such a podcast, coming from me, would be “apt.” Instead, I’ll just write a blog post about the particular piece of pedantry that inspired me to suggest the podcast. When people talk about an […]


The first thing we do, let's kill all the lawyers.

I watched part of the first episode of this season’s TV show “Scrubs.” Which I heartily do not recommend. I’m not reviewing the show. I’m reviewing one line in the show. A doctor says something along the lines of: Due to insurance companies and malpractice lawyers, this profession is soul-sucking. I won’t address the insurance […]


2012 is Coming. Quit your job and go make love on a beach.

The whole 2012 thing cracks me up (when I notice it at all). The Mayan calendar ends, and clearly the Mayans knew everything, so the world is ending too! Of course, my calendar ends every year, but you don’t see me worrying. But I won’t sit here and categorically deny that the world could end […]


Sex and Violence

Yes! It’s a common complaint of mine that naked bodies are seen as terrible things to show a child, but violence is ok. I recently saw Waltz with Bashir. It’s about war, as well as the Christian Lebanese massacre of Palestinian refugees. So there are some nasty scenes and ideas in the movie. Death, destruction, […]


Guns Kill from a Distance

You can stand more than a foot away from someone and still shoot him, right? If so, then why do so many movie and TV show plots hinge on (or at least use as a device) the person being held at gunpoint simply moving kinda quickly and knocking the gun away? I just saw it […]



Dara O’Briain and his feelings on homeopathy and pseudo-science. [link from] In a different clip, he argues against the idea that God created humans exactly as we currently are. His best argument against that idea is that we occasionally bite the insides of our own mouths. “I was so eager to eat that plate […]


TBS. Very Funny.

I like the show My Boys. But the guy’s name is Bobby. Something about sticky and booby in the same sentence amuses me (oops, I just put them in the same sentence again). No, I didn’t send it to failblog.


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