2012 is Coming. Quit your job and go make love on a beach.

The whole 2012 thing cracks me up (when I notice it at all).

The Mayan calendar ends, and clearly the Mayans knew everything, so the world is ending too! Of course, my calendar ends every year, but you don’t see me worrying.

But I won’t sit here and categorically deny that the world could end on that day. Or any other. I hope that my mind is scientific enough to allow for any possibility.

I do, however, categorically deny the possibility that Roland Emmerich’s movie “2012” will be watchable. I’ve seen a trailer, and I’ve seen “The Day After Tomorrow,” and I know that it will be terrible.

Here’s a review of the movie that is probably only wrong on one point, when it says that the film is worse than anyone expected. No sir. It’s not worse than I expected. And I say this with the full confidence of someone who never saw it.

The reviewer says that soon enough, the audience hopes that the catastrophe will “hurry up and finish its business with every last member of the species responsible for Roland Emmerich.” [Link]

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  1. BruceS December 3, 2009 at 1:57 pm #

    The review I heard of 2012 said that the first hour and a half or so was a fun bunch of special effects that can be enjoyed with no concern for plot, characters, etc. Once that’s over, the audience is advised to get up, go to the lobby, buy some popcorn, and watch some other movie.
    If we made it through “Star Wars: Send In The Clowns” and “Highlander II: WTF?”, we can make it through this.

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