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The Best Way to Lose Weight

This isn’t a joke. I’m serious. If the goal is to lose weight, and you’re an ordinary person, then quit exercising. Exercising makes you hungry. Running around in circles (or cycling, for you, Bruce) burns calories, which is great, and it definitely helps you stay healthier in about ninety million ways. Exercise is an important […]

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The NAACP Vs. The Universe

Have you heard this one? Hallmark sells a card about graduates taking on the universe. At one point it taunts black holes, saying, “you’re so ominous, oooh.” Then it ends with, “planets, watch your back.” Some of the leadership of the NAACP claim that they hear, “black whores” instead of black holes. I think they’re […]

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Helen Thomas and Freedom of Speech

Just in case some people don’t already know what Helen Thomas said, here’s a little video (the editorial isn’t mine): [youtube][/youtube] So, she got fired for those comments. (Officially, she resigned.) Some thoughts: The comments are insane, even assuming that she only meant the Jews who arrived in the last 60 years or so (as […]

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Women and Men Are Different

photo credit: WeNews Seriously, they are. Here are the results of a study that I read about. 1. Men who marry younger women tend to live longer lives than most men. Makes sense, right? She keeps him young. He has more to live for, etc. 2. Women who marry younger men tend to live SHORTER […]

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Sweat and Skin

photo credit: katielann12 Everyone’s always talking about how our big brains make us different from other animals. Hah! The real difference is in our naked skin and our millions of juicy sweat glands. Apparently, we have the most efficient sweating system on the planet. Sure, some animals have big teeth, or can fly. Whatever. We’ve […]

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We’ve Moved!

This is just a test, really. I moved weeklyrob to a new server, and I’m just checking the rss feed. If you subscribe, and you get this, that’s good. If you don’t get this, please let me know (ha ha).

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Cheating on Weeklyrob

I’ve been busy setting up a blog for writing and technical communication. So, poor weeklyrob has just sat here twiddling its thumbs while I call and say that I’m working late, or going to an out-of-town convention. But except for some tweaks and minor changes, I’ve set it up over there. Now I need to […]

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