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I’ve occasionally bought lecture courses from “The Great Courses.” For example, I bought a 36 lecture series on the history of Russia. I don’t buy them very often because they’re expensive and there are so many great podcasts out there for free. (NEVER buy one of these lectures when they’re not on sale. But even […]

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How they see you

photo credit: xavi talleda Isn’t it strange how people see you? For example, I currently weigh about ten pounds less than I did a couple of months ago, but about fifteen pounds more than I did ten years ago. If I sat in a room with two people from different times in my life, one […]

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PSA: Drowning Doesn’t Look Like Drowning

photo credit: Micah Sittig Would you know a drowning person if you saw one? This article (from Aviation Survival Technician First Class Mario Vittone) explains that there’s no sound, no flailing, no splashing. And of course, a person can get in trouble in just seconds. Drowning Doesn’t Look Like Drowning

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Sleep Around for the Good of Society

photo credit: stefg74 According to Steven Landsburg, writing in Slate, people who are NOT promiscuous should take on a couple more partners a year. Doing so could slow the spread of sexually transmitted disease. The idea is that they’d still be conservative, but slightly less so. They wouldn’t increase their own chances of getting sick very […]

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The Best Way to Lose Weight

This isn’t a joke. I’m serious. If the goal is to lose weight, and you’re an ordinary person, then quit exercising. Exercising makes you hungry. Running around in circles (or cycling, for you, Bruce) burns calories, which is great, and it definitely helps you stay healthier in about ninety million ways. Exercise is an important […]

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Women and Men Are Different

photo credit: WeNews Seriously, they are. Here are the results of a study that I read about. 1. Men who marry younger women tend to live longer lives than most men. Makes sense, right? She keeps him young. He has more to live for, etc. 2. Women who marry younger men tend to live SHORTER […]

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Blog Nonsense

If you go to the “Latest” section to the right, then you’ll see the latest posts. For some reason, they’re missing from the main list here. I don’t know why. I’m working on bringing them back into the fold.

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I’m working on creating a blog about writing in general, and technical communication in particular. So while playing around with different layouts and themes, I unintentionally scrapped the theme I’ve used on weeklyrob for 4 years. Easy come, easy go. How do you like the new one? By the way, this is second post I’ve […]

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