No ID Flying. Yes, Again.

I’ve posted before about flying without showing any ID.

In that story, a guy named John Gilmore challenged people to fly without showing their ID. He doubted that they’d be able to without being harassed.

As it happens, the travelers made it through without a problem, but they had to submit to a tougher physical screening.

[I heard someone on NPR say that he always refuses to show ID, and almost always gets through security faster. Apparently, the special screening line is fast.]

Gilmore made his challenge after the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals had ruled against him on the following points. He said:

1. You shouldn’t have to show ID (our old friend, the 4th Amendment).

2. You shouldn’t have to submit to the tougher screening, because it’s unreasonable. (4th Amendment again!)

3. The rule that says you have to do these things is secret, and therefore violates Constitutional due process rules.

4. Some more junk about Right to Travel, Associate, and Petition.

Way back then, the 9th knocked down all counts (link to PDF of decision), so he took his case to the Supreme Court. Today the Supreme Court refused to take the case.

This doesn’t mean that they rejected anything about his claim, but it does mean that he’s finished. The previous ruling will stand as is.

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