More Skeptics

This little video about good science vs. nonscience has some real gems.

To paraphrase (so that I don’t have to remember the exact wording):

    In science, we have to keep track of the misses as well as the hits. Astrologists, psychics, etc., just keep track of the hits (that is, the things they claim that turn out to be true).

    Intelligent Design claims that a miracle occurs, and that’s the end of the conversation. Scientists sometimes claim “SOMETHING GOES HERE,” without knowing what it is, but that’s the beginning of the conversation with them, not the end.

    Stairway to Heaven is all about Satan.

    Katie Melua is a geek. She re-recorded a song to make it scientifically accurate. Cool! (Ok, the re-recorded version isn’t on the album or anything, but still.)

    [Unfortunately, the new lyrics (written by a physicist) seem to also be wrong. They claim that the distance to edge of the known universe is 13.7 billion light years. Although the age of the universe is considered to be about 13.7 billion years, the distance to the edge of the known universe is supposedly much further (like 46.5 billion light-years away).

    But that’s beside the point.]

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