Facebook Isn't For Everything

I like Facebook for checking out what my friends and formerly long-lost acquaintances are up to. I look at pictures and read status updates. Occasionally, I comment on people’s pictures or status updates. It’s great.

But I don’t think that everything belongs on Facebook. Here’s a status and comment thread I read today. I changed the names:

Prince Humperdinck is getting ready to enjoy the Falcons beat the AZ Cardinals.
10 hours ago – 2 Comments

Buttercup at 2:03pm January 3
Hope you are right…. how are you feeling? Are your parents still there?

Prince Humperdinck at 3:28pm January 3
I am feeling better, unfortunately, my sinuses are very inflamed and swollen that the DR had to put me on steroids and change my anti-biotic to leviquin. I can breath somewhat better through my noise, but they could not look into my sinus cavity(and clean it out) b/c of the swelling. Time will tell hopefully for the best, I am sure. I am going back on Wed for a c/up.
Mom and dad are still here, I am actually going to go watch the Falcons game with my father and Fezzik at their hotel. They are coming back to Florin tomorrow.

Take care:

Prince Humperdinck

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  1. BruceS January 5, 2009 at 10:16 am #

    Heh, Fezzik. Montoya (sp?) later worked with the feds, as well as helping separate people from their souls. Inconceivable!

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