Spring is Here


Today, a being standing at either the north or south pole will see the sun creep across the horizon.

At the north pole, it’s all daytime for a while. The sun won’t set for six months.

At the south pole, that’s it. No more sun till September.

Those emperor penguins have a long night ahead of them.

One Response to Spring is Here

  1. BruceS March 21, 2009 at 6:27 pm #

    So we’ve already passed the day that’s 12 hours from sunrise to sunset.

    One letter makes such a difference. I read your post, said to myself “those are the furriest penguins I’ve ever seen”, then saw it said “those”, not “these”.

    Has anyone attempted to introduce penguins to the Northern polar region? If successful, we could finally get those people who complain about the Far Side being inaccurate to shut up.

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