Inflammation = Bad

Every time I turn around, I hear about inflammation. I think that inflammation is the scourge of humanity. I’m not joking.

I once attended a bunch of lectures given by lots of different doctors on different subjects. The lectures were not linked by content, but practically every doctor said two things:

1. In my field, we’ve found that exercise has huge benefits. (The field being everything from brains to backs to menopausal issues.)

2. Inflammation, caused by the body’s immune system, is linked to more and more long-term health issues.

We’ve all heard that not properly flossing your teeth can lead to inflammation, which can lead to greater chance of heart disease. (Haven’t we all heard that?)

Now, it could be the case that it’s the inflammation caused by obesity, rather than obesity itself, that leads to health problems like diabetes. [Link]

As with allergies, your own body is your enemy.

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