Chimps and Monkeys

A chimp isn’t a monkey, ok? Monkeys are chattering nincompoops compared to chimps, our closest living relatives. Chimps are smart. They build social networks, use tools, and have been taught sign language. They can think abstractly.

My daughter has a book. In this book, you take magnets shaped and colored to represent animals, and you place the magnets in the book. The lion sits near the cubs. The gorilla sits on a rock.

On one page, the book says, “A chimpanzee swings from a tree branch.” But there’s only one magnet that looks anything at all chimp-like, and it’s a fucking monkey. (Before you start, the monkey is not fucking. I’m using the word “fucking” as an intensifier. I’m in no mood.)

Look, I’m not asking them to get the small details right. Ok? But how do you add a superfluous tail?

How can it be that a publisher of a children’s book ABOUT ANIMALS can’t bother to simply LOOK at a chimp before putting one in the book? Just look at it. JUST LOOK AT IT. Grrr.


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