Maccabees Rule!

We’re right in the middle of Channukah, and I await your gifts.

Don’t ask me how to spell Channukah. It’s a transliteration, and it’s spelled all kinds of wacky ways. I read one guy’s comment online that he thought that the CH signified a mix of Hanukah and Christmas. Not so, I assure you.

The link above explains all about the holiday. Note that it says that the special candleholder used on Channukah is often incorrectly called a menorah. “The name menorah is used only to describe the seven-branched candelabrum that was housed in the Jewish Temple.”

Well, that’s just not true. I mean, millions of Americans call the thing a menorah. It’s true that in Israel, it’s called a “chanukia”. But in the diaspora (at least, the part I’m familiar with), things have changed. That’s what happens to words.

Here’s a catchy little tune sung by a mini-skirt wearing Jewish cutie. The first couple of lines in the lyrics are stolen from grade-school winter concerts. And she’s got a very weird line about needing some cocoa even though she’s a Jew.

Of course, Jews have cocoa needs, just like the rest of humanity. If you chill us, do we not need cocoa? I take her to mean that other people might think that, as a Jew, she does none of the typically Christmassy things, like drink cocoa, or ride one-horse open sleighs.

Anyway, she’s really cute.

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