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How I Spent My Morning

photo credit: tuppus But first, let’s go back to Saturday afternoon. My grandfather calls and says the following: “A friend of mine gave me something to put on the computer. Where you click things and things come up. So where should I put it on the computer?” Now, anyone who’s ever taken a similar call […]

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My New Mont Blanc Pen

I’ve never written with a Mont Blanc pen. Have you? Depending on the model, they go for between $150 and $350, which is a bit out of my price range. But I do like nice pens. I like pens that write without skipping, or scratching the paper. And I like pens that don’t go dry […]

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Simple Causes and Complicated Results

Last night I dined on smoked trout. Ended up with a mouth full of bones, most of which I pulled out. But one stuck. So I’ve got this bone lodged in my throat. I ate a ton of other food, solely intended to push the bone down. I felt like the old lady who swallowed […]

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Spare Me from Happy People

It’s commonly said that the typical man tries to solve problems instead of simply empathizing and sympathizing with a typical woman. Right? They want men to connect with them “through sharing and understanding the concept of dry mouthedness.” Yes, I get all my relationship advice from “White Men Can’t Jump.” But there’s another disconnect of […]

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Been Away

Took 4 days to visit Savannah and I come back to a late weeklyrob! Geez, do I have to do everything myself? Had myself a nice little birthday, followed by my wife’s birthday, followed by our anniversary (today). But I haven’t been on the Web since Thursday, and I haven’t paid attention to the news. […]

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Late Night Ruminations on Guilt

When, for whatever reason, I find myself thinking about the bad old days (like high school, for example), I seem to regret all the mean things I did to other people. The thing is, I wasn’t mean. I wasn’t a bully. I’m one of the many guys who got picked on for years, just trying […]

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I Like Dictionaries (but there's a new thesaurus out)

I really do like dictionaries. For example, I’m very happy with my 4th edition of the American Heritage behemoth, with the color illustrations and nicely colored head words. But my favorite is the “Shorter” Oxford English Dictionary (two big, fat volumes). According to their marketing literature, this dictionary contains all the “vocabulary current in general […]

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Failure to Communicate

Sitcoms are Stupid In the world of sitcoms and dumb movies, a guy going to a foreign land is bound to say something completely idiotic in the strange language. While shaking hands with a possible business partner, he says, “your rhinoceros is very snotty.” Or “your mother is pregnant with my baby.” Then, either everyone […]

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