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x-ray of throat

Last night I dined on smoked trout. Ended up with a mouth full of bones, most of which I pulled out. But one stuck.

So I’ve got this bone lodged in my throat. I ate a ton of other food, solely intended to push the bone down. I felt like the old lady who swallowed a fly.

And I went to bed with a lump of food in my belly and a bone laughing at me.

Woke up and it’s still there. Or at least, I FEEL as though it’s there. It might be gone, leaving an irritating scratch.

Do you know what you find if you look up how to get rid of a stuck fish bone? All kinds of people, from all over, who tell you to go to the hospital.

I saw my doctor. He took a look, saw nothing. Then he took an x-ray, as if that’s really going to show anything. That’s my actual neck up above, so let me know if you see anything.

Next step: ENT for a scope. This is awesome.


Death by fish bone

UPDATE: ENT didn’t need a scope. He just looked in my mouth, grabbed some really long tweezers, and pulled the thing out. All better now, thanks.

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