Movies Are for Kids

This is a short rant.

Only kids haven’t seen the same old tricks a thousand times. So when new movies use the same old tricks, I’m giving the movie-makers the benefit of the doubt and assuming that they’re making the movies for kids.

This must be true even when the movies are rated R, or PG-13 as is the case with Hell-Boy II.

Ok, so Hellboy II doesn’t have a story line or protagonist like most other movies. But ask yourself this:

How many times have I seen the good guy seemingly neutralize the bad guy, then turn his back on him, only to have the bad guy do something bad? A thousand?

Well, if you go see Hellboy II, then you’ll have seen it a thousand and TWO times, because they pull that stunt twice in the same movie. (For you purists, they actually did it more than twice, but only twice with the supreme bad guy, and only twice in a way that caused a Bad Thing to happen.)

Despite all the gaping holes in the movie and silly attempts to pull heartstrings, the turned-his-back-on-the-bad-guy thing still stuck out the most.

Is it possible that 13 year-old boys haven’t seen that a thousand times?

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