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Evolutionary Theory… or Fact?

Dawkins has written a new book about evolution. The reviewer at the NYT Sunday Book Review reviews the book, makes it clear that he considers evolutionary theory to be correct, then wastes 800 words (well over half the review) on a completely misguided argument about how evolution is a theory, not a fact. Again, he […]

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T-Rex Mini Me

Man-sized, but otherwise identical, T-rex found in China. (They’re calling it a raptorex.) And you thought the Japanese were good at miniaturization. This is what the T-rex looked like before it evolved into the massive beast it eventually came to be. Have a look. It apparently changes how we thought that T-rex evolved. The thinking […]

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This isn’t a breakthrough or anything, but I’m impressed that two-year-olds know how to conjugate verbs. That is, my daughter doesn’t just use words she hears. She actually changes those words in order to use them in ways that she hasn’t heard. And I know she does this because she makes mistakes on the irregular […]

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Humans May Have Evolved

New fossil is all the rage. It’s kind of annoying how some news reports are considering this a major salvo in the epic battle between evolutionists and creationists. There’s no battle. There really isn’t. (There is a battle between those who want to teach science in science class and those who want to teach bald, […]

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Evolution Doesn't Have a Brain

I’ve been listening to some of the podcasts of the US Library of Congress (gorgeous “Reading Room” shown above). They have a series on “Music and the Brain,” which has been pretty interesting. Since it HAS been interesting, I really hate to ding it, but they needled one of my many and varied sore points. […]

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Wolverine! Frog-Style.

You know the X-Men, right? Mutants who save the world and such. Awesome. And you know Wolverine, right? Super-fast-healing hairy badass. And, you know how Wolverine has these claw-thingies that he can force through the skin of his hands? And, when asked whether it hurts when that happens, he said, “every time”? How about a […]

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