The Train! The Train!

I take the train to work every day, and I very much appreciate the time to read and get into my own head.

But it’s not always great.

Yesterday, my little monthly card didn’t seem to work as I rushed to get to the train that I saw arriving. A very helpful little attendant ran over and got me through the door in the nick of time.

Thanks, attendant!

So today, once again, I saw a train coming as I walked up to the station, swiped my card, and…nothing. Only this time, no fleet-footed attendant attended.

So I picked up the white HELP AND INFO phone to ask what to do. I told the lady that my card didn’t work, and superfluously mentioned that it didn’t work yesterday either. “So I guess it’s dead.”

She said that I needed to swap it out for a new card at some place or other, then she stopped as though we were finished. I said, “ok, but how do I get to work today?”

“You said the card didn’t work yesterday either, right?”


“Well, how did you get to work yesterday?”

I thought this was pretty funny. It was as though she thought I was just generally asking for advice, rather than telling her to work some ingress magic for me.

In the end, I reached around and illegally pushed open the emergency exit to make it onto the next train that came.

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