Hot and Cold

Pet Peeve #231: When people want a room to cool down rapidly, so they set the thermostat to 52 degrees. I mean, come on. That’s just not how AC works, right? Air conditioning is either on or off. It’s either working its little heart out trying to cool your room, or it’s waiting for the […]


Dance Revolution

A bunch of shrinks did a study and found out which dance moves chicks dig. You really should watch the video.



Every once in a long while, I write something that I think fits this blog as well as my blog for writers. Today, ladies and gentlemen, I’m doing it again. If you happen to read both blogs, please excuse the repetition…. A Primer on Web and Print Colors I was in a class the other […]



They are electrically neutral, and they’re very small. So Enrico Fermi called them neutrinos! (Italian for “little neutral thingy.”) Some facts about the amazing neutrino: Many trillions of them zip through your body every day. They don’t even know you’re there. (Trillion is a crazy concept. A trillion, just to remind you, is a thousand […]


Whale Fall

I heard an old Scientific American podcast the other day: “Whaddya do with a dead whale.” Here’s the gist: When a whale dies, it sinks to the bottom of the ocean. This is called “whale fall.” Huge swathes of the bottom of the ocean are basically sand with no life. These massive dead whales become […]


Science Argues with Itself (and Me)

photo credit: Firesam! Science arguing with itself is a good thing. Science arguing with me is just silly. I’ve previously posted that adding exercise to your routine won’t necessarily make you slimmer (because you’ll want to eat more). I’ve also posted research that shows that active kids aren’t more likely to end up slimmer than […]


Australia and the Internet

photo credit: Photos by Mavis So, most of the 4 readers of weeklyrob know that my family and I are planning to move to Australia early in 2011. I was considering starting a fresh blog tracing the ins and outs of the move, but instead, I’ll just post it all here. Those of you not […]


Know Thyself

photo credit: The Welsh Poppy Aaaaand I’m back! I was gone for a week, and then came home and went for another week, and then came home and was exhausted. But let’s leave all that behind us and sally forth, shall we? I present to you three anectodes: ONE I spoke with an Australian woman […]



photo credit: Ryan Somma Old joke, updated: Do you have any Neanderthal in you? Do you want one? Ok, so you may have heard that all humans of non-African descent have a small percent of Neanderthal genes buried away in our double helix. So that’s exciting. In other Neanderthal news, there’s a discussion about whether […]


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